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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 21, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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another cold 1 tonight, but what a
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trouble over tickets that never got paid. >> there has been a lack of accountability about anything. >> accused of fixing tickets. the question she faces tonight. the armed woman, her threat, and how it was resolved. and the concerns over snow. >> when you head south, you hit the freezing rain. >> and what we can expect come christmas day. captioned by the national captioning institute
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we begin tonight with a corruption show down. there are some tough questions answered about the camera tickets. the fireworks over this hot- button issue. >> it might seem like a cut and dry situation, but it is anything but. the council member g f foster is at the center of it. she is a big part of this council that is comprised of her, her husband, and some of their longtime friends. a packed house killed tonight's town hall meeting with residents eager to hear from councilmember reggie of foster. >> i have never violated any law, ordinance, or policy. >> she was fired from her day job after the chief says evidence says she was erasing
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red light camera tickets for herself and her husband. he says he tried to eliminate some of the financial staying viable working out a deal. >> there was a suggestion that this might go away. if they just resigned. the chief never had the authority to fire her in the first place and is now calling for his job. >> we have not seen these tickets or allegations. >> the residents are shaking their heads and taking sides. >> i am truly upset that the way things are going in this town. >> i think she has been harassed and has gone way too far. >> they don't need the sitting of their spending by dollars. >> tonight's meeting was more of a hearing.
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no final decision was made. the story coming out of charlotte, north carolina tonight. >> that is where a television station was evacuated after a woman who walked in armed with a gun. they were off the air for about an hour. tonight, the woman is in custody and no one was hurt. we have more with the woman behind it all. >> police have described her as a woman that was distraught over her financial situation had simply wanted to talk. >> the time right now is 6:00 08. there was an emergency situation. >> journalists used to telling the news became the news when a
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distraught woman entered the lobby armed with a gun. the swat team arrived and the employees were evacuated. >> we were onset and we're hearing, we need relief. -- we need to leave. >> the woman that police have identified -- she never shot anyone and she was never -- the gun was never loaded. >> she wanted someone to talk to. >> the hostages were taken, and they were on air for the 6:00 news. she is now at a charlotte area hospital. police have not yet decided whether they will file charges at all.
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we remain on storm watch tonight. we have a team coverage for you tonight with a possible impact this could have on your plans. >> we have one of our coldest december as a long time. let me show you some of the things that are going on. we are at 32 degrees at the educational center. i will take you across the country. look at san diego. i wanted to show you because of the pattern that we have, there is the jet stream to the south. as that goes across the country, does what we will be watching. a strong this pattern continues and it looks more and more like it will be holding together, bringing a christmas day storm through the east.
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christmas day, through the mid part of the country, some showers and light snow. i think we have a better than 50/50 chance of getting some light snow. i don't see any indication right now have a major east coast storm. it looks like the snow will be coming in late on christmas day. if you have travel plans christmas day, earlier is much and better than later. the possible sale is days away, but the holiday travel, some team -- some people are getting ready for plan b period and >> certainly, planning one's
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christmas day trip to have gotten more complicated with the potential for snow on the horizon for the holidays. visitors and residents are wondering about the christmas day weather forecast. we could get from a little bit to a lot. they are driving and admit their plans must remain flexible. >> i want to go, but i can't if i can't be out or come back again. >> trying to determine if we are going to be safe driving and trying to make a decision as to whether we are going to do it. >> we left 83 degree weather. i don't have snow boots.
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in >> at least they will be with family. >> one of those folks that will be traveling on christmas eve and then the christmas day, she will have her own personal forecasts because her husband is a meteorologist. >> a terrorist care in italy who gives a warning to international travels as as this -- in a suspicious package caused a bomb scare today. the device was fake, but it comes on the heels of the arrest of 12 men. u.s. attorney general is stateside saying that homegrown criminals are the biggest concerns. the senate is expected to vote on one of the most contentious issues this session, the new arms control treaty with russia. the official vote will wind -- a
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limit the number of nuclear weapons in each country. 2/3 of the senate has to approve the treaty. >> we are asking got a lot out of this family and give them confidence. >> community leaders held a candlelight vigil. the victim's wife and son watched as two gunmen shot him. anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call police. questar manager fought back against a robber. >> i hope they catch them. it is not fair to do it like
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that. >> they did not want us to show his face, but after three masked men stole $100,000 in jewelry, he got into a vehicle and ran him to stop him. the store manager was not hit. the police have identified one of the suspects. detectives believe he may be armed and dangerous. coming up, a student accused disappears. >> we are on your side with -- >>. many folks are not surprised that the cause of death. many folks are not surprised that the cause of death.
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you are watching abc seven news at eleven o'clock. this is abc 7 news at eleven o'clock. a two-month wait is over as they ruled the death was a homicide. >> he died outside of the nightclub back in october. >> more than a month after the charges were dropped against four employees of one of the owners of the -- the medical examiner has determined the death of 27-year-old mohammed was indeed a homicide.
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however, the much awaited report found the death was not the result of a savage beating, but excited delirium associated with alcohol. >> we feel that that should be enough to bring charges back to this case. >> inside, there is a private party, inside, friends of the victim are gathering. >> it is going on the right track. >> he was chased down by the staff, and there is no mention of any blunt force trauma. >> leave that up to the u.s. attorney. we expect them to take all factors into consideration and do the right thing. >> i don't think it should be out of sight, out of mind anymore.
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>> of the u.s. attorney's office have not yet decided if they will file new charges. the forensic examination has concluded that a variety of factors led to the death of mr. muhammed. we will carefully study these conclusions. >> his father told us he is pleased her, but will not have peace until there is justice. reviewing some key information in the disappearance of a former captain of the cheerleading squad. they accused her boyfriend of assault weeks before her disappearance. he has not been named cents a as a suspect in her disappearance. she has not been seen since december 12. underside tonight with an intoxicating proposal.
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many might be soon be toasting to maryland. they are deciding whether to allow wide by mail sales. the effects of the direct shipment to 37 states and the district of columbia. the report does not make recommendations, but the service will increase underage drinking. they also suggested they will not lose business. wine sales are illegal and maryland. hundreds of residents have been evacuated, more than 8 inches over days of constant rain have wiped out bridges and forced others to close. parts of the area are under a state of emergency. 8 inches of rain is plenty. that is the part of the
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storm that will move across the country and we look at what is called how these things change with time, and the trend is a little bit more to the south. first of all, christmas eve, and early christmas day. a major storm is increasing. what a cold december we have had. 1962, inches of snow on christmas day. i don't think we will see anything like that, but right now, our temperatures are only in the 40's. we are at 35 done yourself, atlanta and around gassing in
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mississippi, is still mighty cold across the northern part of the state. there is that storm out west. that is the moisture you can see. it will be moving across the country and generating a storm to our south as we get late in the week and as we get into friday night and saturday. more and more is looking like we will be seeing it to ourselves. afternoon sunshine in the future cast. this is nothing associated with the developing midwest storm. as i mentioned a christmas eve itself, there will be some lake effect snows once again, that is the story. as you head out tomorrow, it will be cloudy. another cold morning. the clouds breakup with a fair amount of sunshine.
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hot temperatures are well below average. like northwesterly wind with the the all-important outlook. good travel days with temperatures in the 30's. we will stick with a 50% chance of some light snow on christmas day. it would be a little bit later on christmas day rather than earlier. if you had to grandma's house, do it in the morning and there might be some snow as we get in the christmas afternoon and christmas eve. right now, the risk of a huge east coast storm, i think it is decreasing a bit.
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and up close and personal look at actress michelle williams coming out right here in about 11 minutes.
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some good news. not standing on the sidelines, number five break that silence. and they continue their
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the toyota sports desk, brought to the you by your local toyota dealers, moving it forward.
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>> it took eight losses, but something will come up against ottawa. tonight, they are back in familiar territory. the new jersey devils went up by a goal early, but moneycast quickly responded. here comes jason on the break. he still finds the back of the neck. it gets them rolling. we are still 3-1 in the second. he is ahead and he is there to picket a. that eighth game losing streak is still on everyone's mind. >> when you lose that many games and we are a top team, we need to be at the top. orre not selling for two three wins here and there.
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we want to get those games back. >> of the game is thursday against the spurs. the micmac hovers atop the headlines. today, he finally talked about sunday's emulsions. he felt this respected by how the situation was handled. but he still wants to stay in washington and is willing to move forward. >> it is one for everyone to grow from. because of how things transpire , the communication process, we will see what happens, it will not just be a story in this area, but nationally. vre -- he will not be
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played on the injured reserve list. he might come back before the season is over. the basketball team is used to being number one, but they can officially laid claim to another number. 89. the yukon ladies now holds the all-time record for the longest consecutive winning streak, 89 games in a row. what of the biggest games of her career. she alone outscored florida state in the first half. it seems like everyone is cutting back these days. the yankees cut spending on players by 12 million. the leading luxury tax, the lowest since 2003. the entire salary -- >> we have
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we are going to have a couple of fine days with sunshine and a great christmas. couple of fine days with sunshine and a great christmas.
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♪ hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, ♪ ♪ throw care away, christmas is here, bringing good cheer, ♪ ♪ to young and old, meek and the bold, ding dong ding, dong, ♪ ♪ that is their song, with joyful ring, all caroling, ♪ ♪ one seems to hear, words of good cheer, from everywhere, ♪ ♪ filling the air, oh how they pound, raising the sound, ♪ ♪ o'er hill and dale, telling their tale, gaily they ring, ♪ ♪ while people sing, songs of good cheer, christmas is here, ♪ ♪ merry, merry, merry, merry christmas, ♪
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